About Jaclyn


Jaclyn Wallach is a Genealogical Researcher and Storyteller. With a keen eye for researching and a heart for creating authentic connections, she helps to weave her client's family's stories with genealogical research in order to show you that there's more to us than meets the eye. She knows each of us are supposed to be here and through research and storytelling, she can show you. We each have a lineage and family that came before us (and even after us) in order for us to be exactly who we are today.   

She has been interested in her own family stories and genealogy since she was in grade school, and a love for other historical family stories and lineages. It wasn't until she had her own intuitive nudge to start really researching and exploring her own genealogy in her 20s when everything began to click. 

Today, Jaclyn is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and a variety of genealogical societies. Through experience, online trainings and conferences, Jaclyn has built her skills as a genealogist and family historian. Her other education includes a B.S. in Human Development and an M.S. in Education. But, she doesn't stop there. She has also been trained and certified in yoga, reiki, meditation and life coaching. It's this interconnectedness of these seemingly different worlds that give her an authentic perspective in the world of Genealogy and Family History. 

When she's not researching, Jaclyn loves to explore gardens and old estates; play with her #fosterfail cat, Rue; do yoga; hike; travel; learn new languages (or at least cool words); and watch Friends on repeat. 


  • Jewish & Holocaust genealogy

  • Italian American genealogy

  • Irish genealogy

  • Local Record Lookups (New York City + Long Island + Westchester)

  • Gravestone Research

  • Family Tree Research

  • Family History Research

  • Living Relative Research

  • Immigration + Emmigration

  • Naturalization

  • And more

To learn more about the type of services Jaclyn offers, please take your time to mosey through the "Services" section of the website.