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Because of Jaclyn, my grandmother and I have gotten closer these past few days sharing family stories...and I feel like we can both contribute. This was so fun! I want to do as many family trees as I can! Jaclyn is so informative, takes her time and really does in-depth work that will shed some insightful clues on whatever it is you are searching for in your family history. You can trust her completely to give you all the information you need to get started... She is passionate about her work and is such a joy to work with!
— Melissa D., New York
I consider myself a very competent genealogist, but I had been stumped by one particular family history mystery for 20 years. Jaclyn solved that mystery in about two weeks!!!

In my family, a dispute between my grandmother and her brother led to a rift in the family. Over time, these two sides of the family moved to new areas and completely lost touch with each other. Thanks to Jaclyn’s research, the two sides of the family reunited and are now speaking with each other - with fondness - for the first time in 62 years. This would not have been possible without Jaclyn, and I am eternally grateful that she was able to facilitate this reunion!!!

I appreciated that Jaclyn developed a systematic strategy, communicated her strategy with me, stayed in touch with me throughout the process and - best of all - she celebrated with me as we made discoveries...Jaclyn made me feel like a friend, not just a customer. She is very approachable. My interest in the subject mattered to her.
— Bradley Smith, Ephrata, PA
I now have peace in my heart and mind, as the curiosity to know what my great grandfather looked like felt like a small, quietly festering wound of anxiety that needed the healing salve of knowing. I’ve known for years that this was a calling I needed to answer, I just didn’t know how or when. Now I know, now I have peace, and with that peace comes a giddy joy that is difficult to accurately describe.

You infuse your engagements with an enthusiasm that feels genuine and so very passionate. Your genuineness is particularly moving to me; this isn’t a mere transactional relationship to you, and I value that. You listened to me intently and patiently. You’ve been respectful of the story and the emotion, and you took the time to carefully and poignantly validate me throughout the process. You pursued the research with dogged excitement, undeterred by setbacks or obstacles. You helped me create achievable goals; you set a strategy and delineated expected outcomes in a way that made the project feel focused, manageable, and reasonable for me to tackle.

And finally, you delivered; you found what I - or rather my family - had been searching for for over 8 decades, something others weren’t even confident existed.
— Courtney