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“belonging” with becca piastrelli

“Discovery Your Genealogy & Why You Matter”- 15 April 2019

I talk a lot about connecting with and working with the ancestors, and many people have come to me confused as to what that actually means—thinking perhaps I'm some sort of genealogist. So I decided to welcome my friend, Jaclyn Wallach, who is a genealogical researcher on the show to really dig into the topic of researching your ancestry and gathering information. In this episode, Jaclyn shares her own deep journey into discovering her own ancestry and claiming her Jewish identity and lineage and then offers three in-depth steps for beginning the journey of discovering and connecting with your own ancestry.

"We are the culmination of other people's stories, and then we become and create the next part of the story." -Jaclyn Wallach

The Daring Kind with nicole hernandez

“Genealogy & Why You Matter”- 21 November 2018

In episode 3 of The Daring Kind, host Nicole Hernandez has a meaningful conversation with Jaclyn Wallach about family lineage. If you’ve ever expressed a desire to know more about your personal history, this is the episode for you. Check the link for more details about the episode.

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Being inspired radio Show with amanda Johnson

“On Why You’re Supposed to Be Here” - 7 August 2018

People want to know why they’re here. As Jaclyn Wallach and I explore in this episode, by looking to our lineage, we are able to see ourselves as part of the tapestry of the world and feel a sense of connectedness, and recognize the importance of the stories we come from, so we can evolve forward and uncover cycles and patterns and fears that have been going on for generations.