Discover {Y}our Story


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If you're:

  • a professional genealogist looking to collaborate;
  • someone who needs help getting through a brick wall in their own research;
  • a writer, lawyer or other professional looking for a genealogical specialist for their work, or;
  • someone who is curious about their family story or their family tree, and wants a professional genealogist to work with them and research for them

Discover {Y}our Story: Genealogical Research Services may be what you're looking for!

when you research with jaclyn you'll get:

  • a partner in your endeavors- whether professionally or personally
  • a way to connect with your ancestors, lineage and living relatives through the power of genealogical research and sharing stories
  • a professionally bound research report for you to bring to your colleagues, to refer to with your work or to share with your family + electronic copies of trees, family group sheets and reports
  • the option for an in-person presentation of the findings 
  • the option for a beautiful, artistic family tree to share with your clients or family

(To learn more about what research areas Jaclyn specializes in, please see the About Jaclyn page.)

Are you ready to Discover {Y}our Story?

If you're ready to go deeper into your story or want to collaborate with these research services, apply with the form below so Jaclyn can support you and work with you as best as possible!