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Vision of {Y}our Story Genealogy


The vision for {Y}our Story Genealogy is to help you unearth the stories and identities of your ancestors in order to heal the pieces of yourself which have been forgotten. 

Because, at the end of the day....

You're supposed to be here. 

And Jaclyn can show you this through genealogical research and storytelling. To show you your lineage. To show you what you never knew or to shed light on truth. 

The names of those came before you, that trace back for generations and generations.

The people and their stories.

They are all a part of you, they live in your DNA- both physically and energetically- whether biologic or adopted. 

Sometimes you may be proud to have this energy running through your veins, and sometimes you may want to run away.

But the miracle is that all of that culminates within you.

Through teaching you how to begin your journey to providing genealogical research services to deep-dive family history work, Jaclyn & {Y}our Story Genealogy is here to guide and help you to find you, your lineage and your story.