What is Genealogy & Family History?

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Is it those DNA tests you see so often on TV commercials these days that tells you where you come from? Is it those family tree charts you used to do in school and tracing your lineage? Is it finding long lost family? Is it the stories you hear from your families about your great-great-great grandmother? 

Well, it's all of the above and then some! 

There's a slight difference between Genealogy and Family History.

Genealogy is usually connected to the study and tracing of the lineage of those who came before or after us.

Family History is the more in depth study & exploration of the individual members of the tree and their stories.

But in the end, they both work and play together in order for us to see the full tree, the full picture, the full story. 

As a genealogist and family historian, I'm helping you to intertwine all of these facets to bring you back to you. I also do more of the academic stuff to help to also show or disprove that they are true through research (which I freaking love, and love to help you get excited about!)

The essence to you, and the essence of our humanity, are the stories which connect you to your lineage, to each other, all of which prove what I know to be true: