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The free guide to start the search for {your family story


YOU, yes YOU, are supposed to be here. And, I can show you that it’s true through the eyes of your ancestors and lineage, and prove it to you through storytelling and research.

Genealogy, while it does involve research, tracing lineages, finding relatives and finding the truth to stories about family, it is so much more than that:


But, I bet you that even thinking about all the research and all the time it takes to search for your family tree and their stories can be sooo tiring and consuming. You just want to get to the good stuff or focus on the energy and wisdom of your ancient ancestors (which, by the way, I absolutely find so important to connect to as well, so I feel you if that’s your jam).

But, you still have this desire to unearth and discover.

Not only that, I have a feeling, you don’t even know where to START doing this research. Am I right?

Well, I’ve heard you, and I’ve got you. Whether you believe the stories have all passed on with your loved ones or that it just feels like there’s too much information out there. This guide is for you and has you covered.

I WANT you to know your story, and I really want you to begin your steps.

I’ve cultivated this intentional, yet simple guide with 20 questions for you (plus lots of tips and FAQs to help you make this a really powerful experience!) Not only that, it includes a way for me and a community to support you along the way!

It's time to start unearthing your family, and I'm here to help you.