Open {Y}our Book

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Are you ready to really, really deep dive and explore all there is to know about your family, your ancestry, your history? 

Open {Y}our Book is for those who want a more integrative genealogy experience.

What You'll Get from Open {Y}our Book:

  • Personal partnership as we unearth your story, your genealogy and your family stories. I do the researching, you share what you've been discovering yourself along the way and we play in a beautiful dance.

  • Like Discover {Y}our Story, a way to connect with your ancestors and lineage through the power of genealogical research and sharing stories.

  • In addition to open communication (within reason), bi-monthly meetings which include updates, "ancestral lineage homework", and meditations.

  • A beautifully bound hardcover Book of Life, virtual book & PDF versions for you to print that includes images, photographs, stories, and a research report ( yes, report, I do this for professional reason).

  • A beautiful family tree from a family tree artist to share with your family (and frame to hang on the wall!)

  • Your option of in-person or virtual concluding "ceremony" where I present to you the book, meditations and we participate in a family or ancestral tradition together - whatever that may be for you (you can also bring your family or friends along to share in this moment!)

who this is for:

  • You feel like there is a piece of yourself missing. You find you yearn to know more about where you came from or about the people who came before you.

  • You're someone who wants to go deeper than simply the research aspect of genealogy.

  • You're someone who is ready to learn and understand both the most joyous & the most uncomfortable moments of your family's history.

  • You want to be in partnership with me and are willing to show up to learn about your own lineage and ancestry.

  • You want to share this gift with the rest of your family, with future generations, with yourself.

It's time to unearth {y}our family, {y}our ancestry, {y}our story. 

It's time to open the book of you. 

If you're ready to experience and integrative path to your family history, apply with the form below so Jaclyn can support you and work with you as best as possible!